September 8, 2019 Announcements

Church in DC 2019 Goals

– 4 general gospel activities: 4/4

– Higher prayer meeting attendance (25) – last week: 19

– 4 more families/couples to migrate to DC: 2/4

– More home meetings during the week, including multiplication of existing groups

– 8 baptisms: 6/8

– Meeting hall

Church in DC Announcements

9/9 Holy Word for Morning Revival: Crystallization-Study of Numbers, Week 14, The Growth and Maturity Required for the Formation of the Army to Protect God’s Testimony and Fight for His Move on Earth

9/9 Ministry Reading: Life-Study of Ephesians, Message 33, To Apprehend the Dimensions of Christ and to Know the Love of Christ

9/11 Prayer Meeting at the Pian’s, 8 pm

9/15 Lord’s Table meeting at Key School, 10 am

Bibles for America – If burdened for the monthly giving program of Bibles for America, please go to

Bibles for Ethiopia – Three recent weekend conferences in Ethiopia have attracted a large number of college students in that country, 1250 with 830 who are brand new. As a result, there was an overwhelming request for the Recovery Version New Testament Bibles. If burdened by the Lord to contribute, please designate contributions to “Bibles for Ethiopia.”

Meeting halls in Tbilisi and Berlin – There is a financial need to purchase meeting halls in Tbilisi and Berlin. If burdened by the Lord to contribute, please designate contributions to “Tbilisi meeting hall” or “Berlin meeting hall.”

UK Building Project (London) – There is a financial need for the expansion of facilities at Woodland Camp near London so that 200 Europeans per week can be trained. If led by the Lord to contribute, designate your offerings for “UK Building Fund.”

Book Room

The Holy Word for Morning Revival, Crystallization-Study of Numbers, Vol. 3, is available for purchase at the book table- $5.00