The Lord is moving in the Mid-Atlantic region! The Mid-Atlantic Work Fund (the Fund) has been created to provide opportunities for individuals and churches to participate in the move, and is being administered by the Church in Washington, DC.  This web page describes how contributions can be made to the Fund.  It also describes the burden and administration of the Fund.

Contributions to Fund

Contributions to the Fund (recognized as tax-deductible donations to the Church in Washington, DC) will be accepted from both individuals and churches primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region.  One-time and periodic donations are both acceptable.

  • Contributions from individuals are to be understood as being in addition to the regular offering to the local churches.
  • Checks should be made out to:
    • Payable To:  Mid-Atlantic Work Fund or The Church in Washington, DC (designated for Mid-Atlantic Work Fund)
    • Mailing Address:  4380 MacArthur Blvd, NW, Washington, DC 20007
  • Zelle:
    • Designate to “Work Fund” and send to:
    • For recordkeeping and tax acknowledgment purposes, please also send a separate email to with your name, address, date of transfer, and amount
  • Electronic funds can be wired to:
    • Account name:  The Church in Washington DC, Mid-Atlantic Work Fund
    • Bank:  BB&T, 3030 Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA 22042
    • Routing number:  051404260
    • Account number:  please email for account number

Burden of Fund

In the early 1980s, under the direction of Brother Lee, funds were established among the churches in southern California to support the Chinese-speaking work as well as the Lord’s Move to Europe.  These funds were handled under the auspices of an established church. In time, and in line with the establishment of these funds for the furtherance of the Gospel, a fund was established to support the work of full-timers on the college and university campuses in California.  The principal purpose of this fund was to support full-timers serving in a locality that did not have an established church, or had a relatively small church that could not financially support the work. The fund would also be the source to support local Gospel outreach events, and at other times would be used to care for extra-regional matters related to the spread of the Gospel.  The following principles were adhered to in funding, maintaining, and utilizing the fund:

  • This fund is intended to support all manner of full-timers for the furtherance, spread, and establishment of the Gospel, including young peoples’ workers, community workers, language workers, and those who serve in more than one capacity (e.g., young people and college).
  • This fund is not meant to replace the current organic support by the churches.
  • This fund is not intended to support an existing work in a particular locality.
  • This fund is not to support Full-Time Training in Anaheim trainees.

Administration of Fund

In fellowship with the co-workers and the churches in various regions of North America, the Mid-Atlantic Work Fund has been established with the Church in Washington, DC, for the express intention of supporting full-time serving ones in a new locality where local support is insufficient to further, spread, and establish the Gospel in that locality.  Management of the Fund will be in coordination and fellowship among designated responsible brothers from churches in the Mid-Atlantic region. All disbursements are to be considered under much prayer and fellowship and agreed upon by unanimous decision.  Disbursements are to come from the Fund as a separate account of the Church in Washington, DC.