September 20, 2020 Announcements

Church in DC Goals

  • Meeting hall
  • General gospel activities: 4/6
  • Prayer meeting attendance (25) – last week: 38
  • Families/couples to migrate to DC: 4 (with 2/2 to NE)- 2/4
  • Baptisms: 3/10
  • More vital home gatherings of all types and more visitation
  • Endeavor to prophesy in the meeting (e.g., once a month)

Church in DC Announcements

9/21 Holy Word for Morning Revival –  Crystallization-Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations, Week 5 — God as Our Sovereign Potter Making Us His Vessels, His Containers, to Contain Him

9/21 Ministry Reading  – Life-Study of Ephesians, Message 87 — The Ordinances Versus Christ

9/23 Prayer Meeting via Zoom8 PM 

9/27 Lord’s Table Meeting, 10:00 AM – 

For Prophesying Meeting:
Group 1: use the above connection instructions. George Washington/AU, Falls Church/McLean, Arlington/Alexandria/DC.

Group 2: use the following. Georgetown, Northeast DC/MD, and other saints.

9/27 Children’s Meeting, 4 PM

9/25 – 9/26 NE Young Working Saints and Young Couples Online Conference

  • Message 1, Friday, 9/25, 8 PM
  • Message 2, Saturday, 9/26, 4 PM
  • Message 3, Saturday, 9/26, 8 PM

Use registration link:

Making Contributions Electronically – If making contributions electronically via Zelle, send contributions to email address Please specify designations in the memo field if necessary. 

Other Contribution Modes (e.g., checks and wire transfer) — Please refer to

Church Financial Statements — CIDC financial statements are available at: The file is protected by a password, which will be separately provided.

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