March 7, 2021 Announcements

Church in DC Goals

  • Buildout of meeting hall and resumption of in-person meetings
  • Endeavor to have shepherding/gospel activities one hour a week
  • Ten baptisms
  • Four Families/couples to migrate into the District of Columbia
  • Prayer meeting attendance of 35, and endeavor to pray at least once in each prayer meeting — last week’s attendance: 45
  • Endeavor to prophesy at least once a month in the prophesying meeting
  • Endeavor to actively participate in the Lord’s Table meeting
  • Five new college students who regularly attend the college student meeting

Zoom Links

CIDC Zoom Connection 1:
Meeting ID: 710 276 939 | Password: 142536 | Dial-in: (646) 558-8656

CIDC Zoom Connection 2:
Meeting ID: 475 779 813 |  Password: 055662 | Dial-in: (646) 558-8656

Church in DC Announcements

3/8 Holy Word for Morning Revival

Crystallization-Study of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Week 3 — Job’s Experience of God’s Consuming and Stripping in the Old Testament being Far Behind that of Paul in the New Testament

3/8 Ministry Reading

Life-Study of Colossians, Message 14 — Christ—the Mystery of God’s Economy

3/10 Prayer Meeting via Zoom8 PM – CIDC Zoom connection 1

January 2021 Financial Statement –Available from /view?usp=sharing. The file is protected by the same password as before. Please contact if you need the password.

GTCA Update — Please go to for the latest updates, including those for Richmond and Pittsburgh.

3/13 MA YP Blending Meeting – A Word for Our Times, 7:30 PM

All young people and parents are invited.

Meeting ID: 845 6400 5185 | Passcode: 955074 | Dial-in:(301) 715-8592

3/14 Lord’s Table Meeting, 10 AM – CIDC Zoom connection 1

For Prophesying Meeting:
Group 1: CIDC Zoom connection 1. Falls Church/Mclean, NE DC/MD and all other saints

Group 2: CIDC Zoom connection 2. Arlington/DC/Alexandria, Georgetown University, and George Washington/American U

3/14 Children’s Meeting, 9:15 AM 

3/19-3/21 Mid-Atlantic Blending Conference
Brother Ron Kangas will be with us live over Zoom. The schedule of meetings and English outlines have been posted to Please note that there will be a live session for all young adults on Saturday. Questions for this time may be submitted on the website.

3/27 Church in DC Gospel Meeting — More details to follow.


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