November 24, 2019 Announcements

Church in DC 2019 Goals

— 4 general gospel activities: 4/4
– Higher prayer meeting attendance (25) – last week: 24
– 4 more families/couples to migrate to DC: 3/4
– More home meetings during the week, including multiplication of existing groups
– 8 baptisms: 7/8
– Meeting hall

Church in DC Announcements

11/24 Ministry Reading: Life-Study of Ephesians, Message 44, Babyishness and the Winds of Teaching

11/24 Holy Word for Morning Revival: The Experience of Christ, Week 1 – The Intrinsic Significance of the Experience of Christ.  

11/27 Prayer Meeting at the Kung’s 8 PM

12/1 Lord’s Table Meeting at Key School, 10am

12/1 Deadline for Semiannual Winter Training Registration – The deadline for the live training has passed. The registration for the video training has re-opened. The video training will be held 12/25, 12/27-12/29, and 1/3-1/5 with a donation of $105. Shared seats will only be for couples who need to share childcare responsibilities. Please submit registration for the video training with donation to brother Tony before 12/1.

Meeting hall in Baltimore – There is a financial need to purchase a meeting hall in Baltimore, MD. If burdened by the Lord to contribute, please designate contributions to “Baltimore meeting hall”. Sufficient fund will be required by January 2020 to close the deal.

Book Room

Just Arrived

HWMR, The Experience of Christ, is available for purchase at the book table – $6.00

HWMR, Crystallization-Study of Numbers (4) – $6.00

On Knowing the Bible – $7.00

Lessons on Prayer – $13.25