10/2/16 Announcements

10/3 The Holy Word for Morning Revival – The Practice of the New Testament Priesthood in the Church Life – Week 1: The Living of the New Testament Priests. Copies of the materials will be provided at the meeting. An electronic copy can be downloaded at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4yUcfGR_2Cka0wtU1puakt1Vm1BVTBmc1h6MlljbDFuWGl3/view?usp=sharing
10/3 Corporate ministry reading – Basic Lessons on Service – the first half of chapter 16, The Impotence of Our Natural Being in the Things of God
10/5 Prayer meeting in the homes, 8 pm

10/9 Lord’s Day meeting at Key School, 10 am

10/16 Church picnic at Key School after the meeting

10/23 Lord’s Day meeting in the homes, 10 am

10/7 Deadline for Registering for 2016 Mid Atlantic Working Saints and Families Retreat

Date: November 19-20 (Sat. morning – Lord’s day lunchtime)

Location: Camp Wabanna, 101 Likes Rd, Edgewater, MD 21037

Cost: $50 for adults (13 and up), $25 for children 5-12, children 4 and under are free

Children’s Meetings: There will be children’s meetings during the 4 scheduled retreat meetings for children up to 6th grade.

Registration and information at: www.midatlanticworkingsaints.org

10/30 Deadline for 2016 Winter Training registration The live 2016 winter training will be held at the Ministry Conference Center 12/26-12/31 in Anaheim, CA. The video training will be simultaneously held at two locations in the homes, one in NE DC, and the other in Northern Virginia. Video training will be held on 12/30-1/2, and 1/6-1/8. Donation (including outlines) is $205 for live and $105 for video training if registered before 10/30. Any late registration for the live training will incur an additional $50 charge per trainee and subject to LSM approval. Registration for the video training will open again after the 10/30 due date. Please submit training registration form together with training donation to brother Tony Jang.

11/11-11/13 Fall 2016 College Retreat will be held at the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center, 9275 Barnes Rd, Toano, VA 23168. The cost is $50 if registered before 10/30 and $60 for late registration (until 11/6). Please register with brother Seng Guan Toh. Make check payable to “The Church in Washington DC.”

11/24-11/27 International Thanksgiving Conference will be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 1, located at 150 West San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95110. Special group rate of $95.00 per night plus tax has been arranged with Marriott San Jose (attached to the convention center, https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=15053802), Hilton San Jose (attached to the convention center, http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/S/SJCSHHF-LIV-20161121/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG), and Hyatt Place San Jose Downtown (https://resweb.passkey.com/go/glsmt). Please make hotel reservation as soon as possible if you’re planning to attend. See attached conference announcements for additional details.

Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis in Europe — See Germany2016.amanatrust.org.uk for up-to-date information. If burdened to give to support the specific aspects of the work related to LSM, Rhema, and LME, please designate your giving as follows:

1. For publications translation, designate giving to “LSM/Refugee Language Work.”

2. For publications distribution, designate giving to “Rhema/MyFreedom Project.”

3. For full timer support and other related expenses, designate giving to “LME/European Gospel Work.”

UK Building Fund — There is a financial need for the purchase of Bower Farm, for the construction of new facilities at Bower House, Bower Farm, and Woodland Camp. If you are led by the Lord to contribute, designate giving to “UK Building Fund.”


Immediate burdens:

The increase of the Church in Washington, D.C. by 15% in 2016 through preaching of the gospel

Training, perfecting, and blending of the brothers in the Mid-Atlantic through the Eldership Training

Ongoing burden for the preaching of the gospel in Germany and throughout Europe



Crystallization-Study of Exodus, Vol 7, is now available for purchase at the book table – $6.00.

2016 – 2017 Church Addresses – $5.00

Guidelines for the Lord’s Table Meeting and the Pursuit in Life – $7.50

2017 Gospel Calendars, 13 5/8 x 30 5/8 in., are available for sign-up and prepayment by October 30 at a reduced price of $7.00 each. Regular price is $8.50 each.