4/17/16 Announcements

4/17 Deadline for 2016 Summer Bible Camp (6/27 – 7/1) registration for preschool and elementary age children For details and registration please go to http://goo.gl/forms/TxIAFmWA8X to register online, or see Mary Yeow or Laura Miller for a paper form.

4/18 The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization Study of Exodus, Vol 6 – Week 33, The Holy Anointing Oil

4/18 Corporate ministry reading – Basic Lessons on Service – the second half of chapter 4, The Practice of the Lord’s Table Meeting(1)

4/20 Prayer meeting in the homes, 8:00 pm

4/24 Lord’s Day meeting at Key school

4/28 Deadline for 2016 Summer Training registration The live 2016 summer training will be held at the Ministry Conference Center 7/4-7/9 in Anaheim, CA. The video training will be simultaneously held at two locations in the homes, one in NE DC, and the other in Northern Virginia. Below is the video training schedule:

MSG 1: 7/7 (Thursday), 7:30 pm
MSG 2: 7/8 (Friday), 7:30 pm
MSG 3 and 4: 7/9 (Saturday), 4:30 and 7 pm
MSG 5 and 6: 7/10 (Lord’s day), 4:30 and 7 pm
MSG 7: 7/14 (Thursday), 7:30 pm
MSG 8: 7/15 (Friday), 7:30 pm
MSG 9 and 10: 7/16 (Saturday), 4:30 and 7 pm
MSG 11 and 12: 7/17 (Lord’s day), 4:30 and 7 pm

Donation (including outlines) is $155 for live and $80 for video training if registered before 4/28. Any late registration for the live training will incur an additional $50 charge per trainee and subject to LSM approval. Registration for the video training will open again after the 4/28 due date. Please submit training registration form together with training donation to brother Tony Jang.

5/6-8 Conference on the Gospel to the Nations for the One New Man, New York City The burden of the conference is the gospel to all the nations (Matt. 24:14), with a view to gaining African-Americans and those of African descent for the Lord’s testimony.
For more information please go to https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4yUcfGR_2CkZW5JU2IzTGlrN0JGdnlYWkVHeDJuZHpNV1JZ/view?usp=sharing.
50 hospitality spaces are available for the conference weekend on a first come, first served basis. Please send any hospitality requests to: churchinnyc@gmail.com. The requests should include the following information: 1.Full name, 2. Age, 3. Gender, 4. Travel itinerary clearly stating the number of nights of hospitality needed, 5. Any dietary restrictions or allergies. Hotel information is included here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4yUcfGR_2CkM052OFk5elZQTGNlM0ROc3ZSbURzYWlLODMw/view?usp=sharing

2016 International Memorial Day Conference will be held 5/27-5/30 at Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC. The hotel has already sold out of rooms at the LSM group rate. If you have any extra unused rooms reserved at the group rate, please do not cancel them and let brother Steve Peng know, because once the reservations are cancelled the rooms will only be available at a higher rate.

Need for serving ones for Memorial Day Conference We are looking for serving ones primarily in the areas of ushering, children’s service, and book sales. More information will be forthcoming.

Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis in Europe  The website and application for the gospel trip can be found at: Germany2016.amanatrust.org.uk. If burdened to give to support the specific aspects of the work related to LSM, Rhema, and LME, please designate your giving as follows:
1. For publications translation, please designate your giving to “LSM/Refugee Language Work.”
2. For publications distribution, please designate your giving to “Rhema/MyFreedom Project.”
3. For full timer support and other related expenses, please designate your giving to “LME/European Gospel Work.”

UK Building Fund  In light of the Lord’s move in Europe in the past few years, there is a great need for further capacity for blending and training for all Europeans. Three facilities, all in London, are being proposed to meet this need. Bower House, already owned by Amana Trust, needs to be updated. Bower Farm, next to Bower House, is being negotiated for purchase. Woodland Camp, already owned by Amana Trust, needs to be developed for much needed larger accommodation capacity. If burdened to give, please designate your giving to “UK Building Fund.”


Immediate burdens:
Coordination of the practical service related to the Memorial Day Conference
The increase of the Church in Washington, D.C. by 15% in 2016 through preaching of the gospel
Training, perfecting, and blending of the brothers in the Mid-Atlantic through the Eldership Training
Ongoing burden for the preaching of the gospel in Germany and throughout Europe

Mid-term burdens:
The Lord’s leading regarding a meeting hall in DC

Ongoing burdens:
Increase in the number of saints attending the Wednesday prayer meetings of the Church in DC
Need for a new revival, increase, and more blending for the churches in the Mid-Atlantic area
Strengthen existing home meetings in the Church in DC
Have more open homes within the District of Columbia
Shepherd our children and strengthen the Children’s service
Shepherd our students and gain increase from the campuses
Cherishing of new ones, particularly those who come to Lord’s Table meeting


Enter the Veil (Music CD) – $15.00
Faith & Love Titus 3:15 (Music CD) – $15.00
Gospel Outlines – $16.75
The next HWMR Crystallization-Study of Exodus (Vol Six) is available for purchase at the book table. – $6.00
New York City Young People CD’s – Overcome! – $10.00