12/20/15 Announcements

12/21 The Holy Word for Morning Revival-The Crucial Points of the Major Items of the Lord’s Recovery Today- Week 1, The Recovery of the Economy of God. 

12/21 Corporate Ministry Reading – The Speciality, Generality, and Practicality and the Church Life – the first half of Chapter 4, The Generality of the Church Life (2)

12/23   Prayer meeting in the homes, 8:00 pm

12/27    Lord’s Day meeting at Key Elementary School, 10:00 am

2015 Video Winter Training Schedule:
MSG 1: 12/24 (Thursday), 7:30 pm; at Dilworth’s (in NOVA) and Miller’s (in DC)
MSG 2 and 3: 12/25 (Friday), 4:30 and 7 pm; at Dilworth’s (in NOVA) and Byrd’s (in DC)
MSG 4 and 5: 12/26 (Saturday), 4:30 and 7 pm; at Dilworth’s (in NOVA) and Byrd’s (in DC)
MSG 6 and 7: 12/27 (Lord’s day), 4:30 and 7 pm; at Dilworth’s (in NOVA) and Byrd’s (in DC)
MSG 8: 12/31 (Thursday), 7:30 pm; at Jang’s (in NOVA) and Miller’s (in DC)
MSG 9 and 10: 1/1 (Friday), 4:30 and 7 pm; at Jang’s (in NOVA) and Miller’s (in DC)
MSG 11 and 12: 1/2 (Saturday), 4:30 and 7 pm; at Jang’s (in NOVA) and Miller’s (in DC)

Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis in Europe — The mass human migration from the Middle East to Europe has been a humanitarian crisis, but also a divine opportunity under the Lord’s hand to bring the gospel to people who otherwise could not be reached in their home countries. There’s currently a strategic move of the churches in the Lord’s recovery trying to reach these refugees. Attached with the announcements are two handouts: (1) a special 4-page report published by Rhema, and (2) a 5-page report and ministry excerpt from LSM. Please review these two handouts carefully. More information can be found at AidMyFreedom.com.
Here are the practical ways to participate in the move:
(1) Praying: Teams of saints who are going out to contact the refugees and migrants are sending back names of the most promising contacts. If you want to join in the prayer service to have definite and personal prayer for these individuals, please register by emailing pray@AidMyFreedom.com. Of course, the saints in DC as a whole are encouraged to continue to pray for this present move in a regular way.
(2) Giving: Those who have the burden to participate in this move by giving should designate their offerings to “European Refugee Situation.”
(3) Going: If you’re burdened to help with translation (especially need skills in Arabic, Farsi, German, or other European languages) or if you’re burdened to go to Europe (either long- or short-term), please fellowship with the brothers and register at participate.AidMyFreedom.com.

Mid-term burdens:
The Lord’s leading regarding a meeting hall in DC

Ongoing burdens:
Increase in the number of saints attending the Wednesday prayer meetings of the Church in DC
Need for a new revival, increase, and more blending for the churches in the Mid-Atlantic area
Strengthen existing home meetings in the Church in DC
Have more open homes within the District of Columbia
Shepherd our children and strengthen the Children’s service
Shepherd our students and gain increase from the campuses
Cherishing of new ones, particularly those who come to Lord’s Table meeting

2016 Gospel Calendar are ready to be pick up at the Chinese section bookroom next to the Service Office, for saints who ordered them.

The next HWMR, The Crucial Points of the Major Items of the Lord’s Recovery Today (9 weeks) is now available for purchase at the book table. Cost for this publication is $7.00.
The Seven Spirits for the Local Churches – $6.25
The Overcomers – $7.50
Ministry Magazine “The Need for a New Revival” – $8.50