10/25/15 Announcements

10/26 The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-Study of Exodus, Vol. 4 – Week 24: The Vision of God in a Transparent and Clear Heaven and the Heavenly Vision concerning the Desire of God’s Heart to Have a Dwelling Place with Man on Earth

10/28 Prayer meeting in the homes, 8:00 pm

11/1 Lord’s Day meeting in homes, 10:00 am

10/30-11/1 North East Chinese-speaking Fall Conference — The 2015 North East Chinese-speaking Fall Conference will be held at the Church in Franklin meeting hall in Franklin, NJ. There will be separate meetings focusing on the gospel, new believers perfecting, children and young people service, and church services and coordination. The registration fee is $25 covering outlines and meals for Saturday and Lord’s Day.

11/1 Deadline for 2015 Winter Training registration. The live 2015 winter training will be held at the Ministry Conference Center 12/21-12/26in Anaheim, CA. The video training will be simultaneously held at two locations in the homes, one in NE DC, and the other in Northern Virginia. Below is the video training schedule:

MSG 1: 12/24 (Thursday), 7:30 pm
MSG 2 and 3: 12/25 (Friday), 4:30 and 7 pm
MSG 4 and 5: 12/26 (Saturday), 4:30 and 7 pm
MSG 6 and 7: 12/27 (Lord’s day), 4:30 and 7 pm
MSG 8: 12/31 (Thursday), 7:30 pm
MSG 9 and 10: 1/1 (Friday), 4:30and 7 pm
MSG 11 and 12: 1/2 (Saturday), 4:30 and 7 pm

Donation (including outlines) is $155 for live and $80 for video training if registered before 11/1. Any late registration for the live training will incur an additional $50 charge per trainee and subject to LSM approval. Registration for the video training will open again after the 11/1 due date. Please submit training registration form together with training donation to brother Tony Jang.


Immediate burdens:

The Northeast Chinese-speaking Fall Conference (10/30-11/1)

Mid-term burdens:
The Lord’s leading regarding a meeting hall in DC

Ongoing burdens:
Increase in the number of saints attending the Wednesday prayer meetings of the Church in DC
Need for a new revival, increase, and more blending for the churches in the Mid-Atlantic area
Strengthen existing home meetings in the Church in DC
Have more open homes within the District of Columbia
Shepherd our children and strengthen the Children’s service
Shepherd our students and gain increase from the campuses
Cherishing of new ones, particularly those who come to Lord’s Table meeting


The Ministry of the Word – The Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building – $10.50
Hymns#1-1348 (Large,words only) – $25.00
The Law of Revival – $6.00
Estudio mas profundo en cuanto a la imparticion divina,Un (Spanish) – $10.25
Conclusion del Nuevo Testamento, La (Mensajes 276-294) (Spanish) – $8.75
The Faith, Testimony, and Ground of the Church (Traditional Chinese) – $7.50
The Principles and the Practice of the Gospel Preaching (Traditional Chinese) – $8.25

Just Arrived:
The Ministry of the Word (Periodical), Vol.19,No.09 09/2015
In This Issue: Living in the Reality of the Kingdom of God
2015 Spring Term Full-time Training